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Safety Warning for Fuel Bottles

posted Jun 19, 2012, 3:11 PM by Patrick Ladd
There’s a Reason for the Safety Instructions on Equipment
The National Interagency Fire Center has issued the following warning to its personnel and cooperating agencies regarding aluminum fuel bottles:

“Filling Aluminum Fuel Bottles: It is unsafe to overfill aluminum fuel bottles (commonly known as Sigg bottles).  During testing, fuel bottles that were filled above the fill line and set in the sun reached pressures of about 550 psi before bursting. Under the same test conditions fuel bottles that were not filled past the fill line reached less than 1 psi. To make sure your fuel bottles are safe to carry do not fill them above the fill line.”

So pay attention to safety instructions, don’t overfill your fuel bottles (bring a second bottle if more fuel is needed) and keep them out of the sun.